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  1. It  is  very  useful  for improving  Performance  of an  Organisation. It is for Effective working & Growth  by  understanding  Self  & Others. Practical Examples coverage is Excellent…
                                                         Mr. G.M. Ambhore, Director, Small Industries Service Institute , Hyderabad.

  2. This Excellent Program is very practical. It can be implemented by each one of us easily. Progress seems to be certain. There is need to spread this message at spiraling speed.  
                                 Mr. B. K. Moza, DGM, Power Division., Hindalco Industries, Aditya Birla Group, Renusagar.

  3. The Program was well designed & delivered with great  Excellence in a very Simple & Easy  way , by quoting real  life examples of our great Nation.
                            Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta, Dy. Manager, Power Division, Hindalco Industries , Aditya Birla Group.

  4. It is a really good Program I had attended so far. It was Practical & lot of Learning from the Program.
                                                                                Mr. K. Vijay Bhaskar, Channel Manager , TATA  Tele Services.

  5. Excellent  Program. I think  it  is  useful  for  each  & every   person  in  India. If  every  one practice  this  type of Thinking, very soon We will overtake Developed Countries.
                                                              Mr. G.V. Vara Prasad, Sr. Technician, Bharat Electronics Ltd, Hyderabad.

  6. I found this Program from the very beginning a different one compared to the earlier routine Training Programs , I attended. This Program is useful in Professional / Personal Life.
                                                                                                 Shaik Rahaman, Manager NTPC, Ramagundam, A.P.

  7. This Program is exceptionally very good unless we practice this in our Professional / Personal life we can’t lead a better life.
                                                                          Mr. Mohd. Shareef , Sr. Executive , Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Hyderabad.

  8. It is a very good Program in our daily life especially at our house as well as in working place. This Program should be taught to each & every citizen of India.
                                                                                                                         Mr. Vittal Rao, Sr. Supdt. ECIL, HYD.

  9. This Program is Excellent. With this I can do Excellent Performance to Our Company & my family also.
                                                                                                M. Venkat Ram Reddy, D.E, Navy / BEL, Hyderabad.

  10. The Presentation, Organising Ideas, Thoughts & convincing the audience is exemplary. Speakers interaction with the audience is Excellent. Provided very lively & Living Experiences.
                                               Mr. K. Manjunath, Scientist ‘G’, DLRL ( Defence Electronics Research Labs ),HYD.

  11. The program is exceptional & presentation is lucid. The Program needs to be organised for all the Scientists & Staff…
                                                                                                                             R.K. Sharma, Colonel, DLRL, HYD.

  12. The Program develops individuals & also helps for achieving Organisational goals. The content presented is very Practical, clear, easy to understand & implement in real life as well as official life.
                                                                                      V. Sudhakar Rao, Dy. Manager – HR, NTPC, Ramagundam.

  13. It is  a very good Program for Top Management to Helper level. Presentation is simply superb in easy language.
                                                                                                                                 G. Anuradha, SA ‘A’, ECIL, HYD.

  14. This program is very helpful to come out from our lethargic way of thinking to dynamic way of thinking to become a good citizen of our nation.
                                                                                                      Ms C. Nirmala, Officer, Andhra Bank, Bangalore.

  15. This program is excellent. This is  very useful in Personal Life & also to improve the Performance in the Organisation.
                                                                                           A. Raghu Ram, Chemist, Natco Pharma Ltd, Hyderabad.

  16.  It was totally new from start to finish & has reasonably strong & practical ideas to implement in every walk of life and beneficial to each & every Participant.
                                                                               Mr. V. Natarajan, Sr. Superitendent, NTPC, Ramagundam. A.P.

  17. The Program as well as Presentation methodology is Excellent. It made us not move even for a second from the class.
                                                                                       Mr. B. Rama Mohana  Rao, Sr. Supdt, NTPC, Simhadri,A.P.

  18.  This is very Good & useful Program to us. It is better to conduct  at all places in our Country. The way of Presentation is Excellent.
                               Mr. L.V. Rama Krishna, Graduate Engineer Trainee ( GET ), Vijai Electricals Ltd. Hyderabad.

  19.  This Program is Excellent for our day to day Activities & I have learned  so much about this to move in Society or Organisation.
                                                                                                    Mr. S. Vinod Babu, Technical Manager, ECIL, Hyd.

  20. I liked this training Program Very well. This Program will be useful to me  throughout my Life. I have decided to implement  all the learning's from this Program, from today itself.
                                                                                      Mr. Dasari Venkata Narayana,  Technician, ITW India Ltd.