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Helping People to Help themselves

Modern life has brought Social Changes & Many Psychological Problems.

Many People around the World are suffering from Anxiety, Anger, Fears, Worries, Tensions, Stress, Depression, OCD, Negative Thinking etc.

These unwanted Problems will not allow people to live & function normally.

To solve this Problems IST is offering Confidential & Personal Psychological Counseling to all age Groups by creating New Thought Patterns through Conscious Mind Programming (CMP).

IST is providing guaranteed & Permanent solutions to all Psychological Problems including chronic Depression.

IST is transforming average/Poor students to Bright & smart students with extraordinary results.

So far more than 300 People have taken counseling directly at our Institute & wonderful Change in most of them & they are leading a Very happy & Successful Lives.

Step 1 : Case Study & Psychological Analysis

Details about the Person's life events, Problems, Thought Patterns etc.. are discussed in detail to Identify the Core Problems & the Thought Patterns Responsible for the Problems.

Analysis is made from the details to know what are all the Problems the Person Has.

Consultation Charges : IRs 500/- or US $ 50 for Psychological Analysis.

Step 2 : Psychological Counseling

From the Psychological analysis the number of Counseling sessions are determined & also who all have to take the Counseling.

Professional Charges : Depending on the nature of Problems & the economic status of People.

Counselling through Email/Phone/Chatting:

Those who can not come Personally can avail counseling through Email/Phone/Chatting.
Phone: 91 40 27173341 / 92461 55548 / 98850 55548