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  1. Practice Writing with the Other Hand.

  2. Use Your Other Hand more frequently in doing Things.

  3. Select Different Paths to your office.

  4. Think that there is always a better way of Doing.

  5. Try to avoid Easy Path ( Path of Least Resistance )

  6. Practice Concentration on Work.

  7. Develop Attitude Give more than You Receive.

  8. Develop Attitude to develop something New & Useful.

  9. Practice Silence.

  10. Consciously observe Your Thoughts.

  11. Change the Order of Doing Things.

  12. Change the Style of Your Dress from Time to Time.

  13. Change Your wake-up Timings.

  14. Start Questioning.

  15. Observe Your Automatic Negative responses

Ex. Anger, Fear etc..

Practice the Opposite