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International School of Thinking, Hyderabad - India, was established on 1st Jan. 2002, after Four years of Research on Thinking Processes & Brain Power Utilisation, Creativity, Communication & Emotions By A. Subrahmanyam - a Senior Computer Professional, Management Consultant & Psychologist.

International School of Thinking (IST) aims to help all People & Organisations to use the Full Potential of the Brain to Produce Excellent Performance in all activities through Thinking & Creative Thinking Skills development Programs, Research & Psychological Counseling.

IST has developed Innovative Corporate Training Programs for the development of Management, Professionals, Staff & Workers.

During the last FIVE Years IST has conducted more Than 350 Programs in many Leading Organisations in India. (more than 10,000 Employees attended)

All the Participants & Organisations have given Excellent Feedback & also appreciated the Innovative, Simple, Interactive & Practical approach in Designing, Delivering of Training Programs. Many Organisations have reported Excellent Results. Considerable Change & Transformation in many Employees.

IST is supported by a Team of highly Qualified & Successful Professional Engineers, Managers, Psychologists with vast experience of 20 -25 Years.

IST is focusing its Energies & Resources to develop "Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication & Leadership Skills in as many People as Possible in India & abroad through Consultancy, Research, Corporate Training & Psychological Counseling Programs. (English, Hindi & Telugu)


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